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    Hello Together,

    I would like to inform you that I will be doing some rebuilding work piece by piece over the next weeks until the end of the year:

    1. plugin support for version series 2.x and 3.0 will be discontinued.
    2. the package servers will be cleaned up and consolidated. There will be only one package server for plugins and designs per version series.
    3. the extension Pushbullet will be removed, because the current operating systems from Apple do not support the APP anymore. WSC-Connect will remain.
    4. the wiki will be removed and the entries transferred to the forum or articles.
    5. the subdomains will be deactivated in the long term and the paths will be reset according to the standard, because WoltLab will remove the multi-domain operation with version 5.5.
    6. upgrade to the current framework version


    and what else I can think of. If you have any ideas, I'm happy about feedback

    You removed the exclude to upgrade to 5.3.

    an now you can’t update the packages because some versions between has the exclude.

    The easiest way is to wait until the review by WoltLab is done. Than I remind you here. And than you do a fresh new installation of the Plugin.

    Because the version history between your version up to the current version for WSC5.3 is:

    2.0.2, 2.0.3, 3.1.0, 5.2.0 and 5.3.0


    which version is installed?

    You can get all versions here from the shop (and Package Server).

    At WoltLab there are still 3 further versions in review. These 3 are disabled here in the shop during the review.

    Basically, i prefer the package sever from here, because the versions on WoltLab are not always the current versions.


    please always avoid crossposting. I found your topic on WoltLab.

    so... on your webserver, Can you open the file mediaprovider.scss in the folder style?

    In that file please change

    1. .ExternalVideofiles, .ExternalVideofiles video {
    2. padding-bottom: 0%;
    3. height: 315px !important;
    4. max-width: 560px !important;
    5. }


    1. .ExternalVideofiles {
    2. padding-bottom: 0%;
    3. .mejs__video:not(.mejs__container-fullscreen), .mejs__video:not(.mejs__container-fullscreen) video {
    4. height: 315px !important;
    5. max-width: 560px !important;
    6. }
    7. }

    Please clear the cache afterwards.


    bad news today. I checked bbc news and only BBC REEL can be supported.

    Because of the changes bbc did, the necessary embed information are not given any longer.

    Before the change a link like result in the embed source All informations are included in the link.

    After the change a link like result in the embed source Now the neccessarry information 49847326 is not given in the link.

    Hello, which framework version are you using?

    Because of my work load there won‘t be an update the next days. On the first weekend in Oktober i have more time to work on it. An update imply an update for both frameworks and the providers don‘t work similar along the frameworks.

    Paul : You are using WSC. For you a player appears instead the link you posted first.

    (In Addition: After a 12 hours working day yesterday and a 10 hours working day on this day, my motivation to answer on private messages its not very high when your website is still working.)


    The code (url) you copy and paste ist right. The Problem is that BBC News doesn’t provide Videos as SSL. When you look on the link above in your post you see “(Non-SSL)”. My website and i think your website too, are ssl-secured. So we only see the link and not the Video. Otherwise we would get an error, because we would try to display unsecured sources.


    Over the past few days, this website has been updated to WoltLab Suite 3.1.

    As with any move, things doesn't work always smoothly, so the procedure took longer than expected.

    Now the construction work has been completed, so that all functions are now available again.

    The following changes are comparend to the old website:

    • From now the new push-service "WSC-Connect" is available. An app for Android is available in the Google Play Store. An app for Apple devices doesn't exist yet. The settings can be made in the user profile at
    • The "Pushbullet/Pushhover"push-service from the past was removed because of incompatibility. I hope this can be integrated again the next days.

    The following changes are planned for the future:

    • Since some plugins are already available in the WoltLab Plugin Store, the possibility to get access to the support area is missing.
    • I bought the plugin "UZ bookmark" from Udo Zaydowicz and will integrate it here in the next weeks in a customized version
    • And last but not least, the CMS-pages will be redesigned.

    I wish you much fun on Destinaja.